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Jim Joll

New Zealands finest musician, singer, entertainer, compere and comedian.
Also provides top package shows

Barry Jones

Incredibly popular and talented stage hypnotist and a wonderful Keynote Speaker
Based in England but travels the
United States nationwide and around the world

Sir Peter Charles Leitch KNZM QSM

Guy's mate "The Mad Butcher" Not only a great butcher and
league fan but also does so much for the community


Stage Hypnotists of the World
Based in the USA, an association for professional stage hypnotists

The Variety Artists Club of New Zealand

Check out the club and its members

John Maybury

My Hero - a New Zealand icon.
Broadcaster, Compere, Quizmaster etc etc etc

Clinton Foenander

Top agent in the United Arab Emirates and a friend.

Suzanne Lynch

Since the days of 'The Chicks' to now, Suzanne is without doubt
one of New Zealand's best known and most loved entertainers

Andy Haden

One of the all time great All Blacks
His company provides sports stars & celebrities

Alan Watson QSM

Simply a Superb Magician
NZ's Number One for Family Entertainment

Kevin Greaves

Incredibly talented Kiwi country music star. Fantastic, vocalist and comedian.
Now deviding time between NZ and the USA

Grant Boddington

Brilliant Kiwi stage hypnotist and hypnotherapist...and friend
Also a top speaker with his
remarkable 'Mind Mechanics' keynote speech

Garth McVicar

National Spokesman for the Sensible Sentencing Trust.
Please support this important group.

Jon Zealando - A Living Legend

New Zealands Elder Statesman of Magic, Ventriloqism and Fire

Laurie McDermott

Wonderful Comedienne. 'The CEO of the House'
Comedy performer and writer based in LA, USA.

Kenny Dale

Hugely talented Double Platinum Album recipient.
An awesome singer and one of the nicest people we have ever met.
Lives in San Antonio, Texas, USA with gorgeous wife Judy.

Derek Metzger

A brilliant actor/vocalist/entertainer.
Derek and Sally now reside in Sydney, Australia.

Walnut the Clown

Also known as Mike Colonna.
Wonderful Clown, balloonologist and musician.

Jonathon Acorn

Fantastic puppeteer, mime and walkabout artist.
Plays NZ, Japan, Dubai etc. Hilarious Act

Brian Gee

Extremely popular Comedy Stage Hypnotist.
Based in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Wayne Rogers

'The Amazing Chicane'
Top New Zealand Magician, Illusionist and Creator of Magic Props

Paul Romhany

Top Kiwi Magician now living in Toronto Canada
Also headlines on Cruise Ships with his wonderful Charlie Chaplin act

Grant Rosoman (Roso)

Fine actor and comedian
Contact him for hilarious Comedy packages.
no website yet .email only .. g.roso@clear.net.nz

Colin Parris

The One and Many!
NZ's hilarious and talented impressionist

Tom Sharplin

New Zealands Mr Rock and Roll.
Exciting performer and vocalist. A Kiwi Leg-end.

Larry Morris

Fantastic rocker. Had 11 consecutive No.1. Hits. has own band the LMB.

Midnite Special

Lex Greaves' Top Country Band.
Great dancing and also backing band

Chipper Lowell

Wonderfully crazy and hilarious comic
and magician, and outrageously clean.
Just so funny. A top American Act

Steve Larkins

Amazing Freddie Mercury Impressionist - with humour.

Mark and Rudi..'Popeyed'

Superior acrobatics and balancing act with heaps of comedy. Based in Australia

Marian Burns

NZ's fantastic fiddler.
An amazing lady with an enormous personality and superb talent

Dion Murphy

Talented Dancer and Choreographer.
Owner of 'The Men of Steel' all male revue.

Greg Hudson

Top Australian Hypnotist and also hilarious Comedy Magician

Chet O'Connell

Simply a superb musician. Top guitarist and vocalist

Roger Saxelby

Wonderful hypnotherapist and director of the Alpha Hypnosis Training centre

Mike and Mimi Heap

Great friends who run the world's best holiday destination.
(The Point, Coolum, Queensland, Australia)

Paul Royter

Canada's absolutely amazing stage hypnotist

The Mighty Vodafone Warriors

Guy's favourite Rugby League team

Miles England

Crazy Comedy Stage Hypnotist in England

Gerard V.

Terrific Wellington (NZ) based hypnotist.
"ThatHypnoShow" delights all from Corporate to Clubs.

Terrance B

Great Canadian Hypnotist and Entertainer
Works with the hilarious HypnoDog

Geoffrey Ronning

Amazing Hypnotist and Fantastic Teacher .. U.S.A.

Tommy Vee

Hypnotist Extraordinaire .. U.S.A.

Jerry Valley

The World's Most Captivating Hypnotist .. U.S.A.

Troye the Hip Hypnotist

South Africa's finest comedy stage hypnotist.

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